Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory

Complex Challenges. Customized Solutions.
Divurgent’s Strategic Advisory team delivers cutting-edge consulting services and thoughtful, customized solutions for today’s top-of-mind healthcare IT challenges and programs, enabling health systems to best manage critical next steps for positive, long-term results.

Activation Implementation


Analyze. Prepare. Realize.
Preparing an organization for one of the largest most complex changes it will undergo requires strategic, proven solutions. Divurgent’s Implementation services cover the full spectrum of technology and organizational readiness, from pre-implementation planning, to start-to-finish program oversight and advisory, to technical build and training



Plan. Communicate. Deploy.
As customers can attest, Divurgent’s approach to Activation is markedly different. We employ strategic, metrics-supported methods designed to adapt to the client’s support needs as they evolve hour-by-hour, not just daily or weekly. From project initiation to support deployment, Divurgent thoughtfully delivers immediate, targeted support for a health system and its end users – driving sustained, measurable system adoption.

Transformational Services


Unlock the Potential. Maximize the Value.
Divurgent’s Transformational Services encompass the strategic tools, planning methodologies, and effective accelerators required to take a client’s investments – “before, during, and after” – to reach next-level maximization and achieve sustainable organizational agility.

Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

Improve. Streamline. Optimize.
Using proven, results-driven methodologies, Divurgent’s Financial Advisory consultants help clients conquer current and future healthcare financial challenges by improving margin management, streamlining supply-chain operations, optimizing revenue reimbursement, and better measuring financial data.

Healthcare Security

Expert. Effective. Evolving.
Divurgent’s in-depth, holistic approach to building a cybersecurity culture is centered on the thoughtful development of purpose-fit, flexible, effective solutions including Governance, Risk, and Compliance, and Program Design and Acceleration services. Divurgent’s focus on healthcare combined with expert industry knowledge and skillsets shape cybersecurity solutions specifically tailored to both the customer and healthcare’s unique requirements.

Join Divurgent’s Team

We employ real people on our Team, not just “resources.” We firmly believe our Team is the driving force behind our successes, and because of that, we are solidly focused on evaluation, maintaining, and improving upon the Divurgent culture – the SINGLE most important component we have. We want our employees, recruits, clients, prospects, and even our competitors to feel it and believe it!