About Divurgent

Divurgent is a solutions provider focused on what matters most to our client partners. We disrupt the typical value equation by using data-infused, flexible, and scalable solutions that demonstrate and quantify value for our partners.

We are committed to IT evolution, deploying tailored solutions that help our client partners achieve improved operational effectiveness, financial performance, and quality of customer experience. Throughout Divurgent’s 13-year history, we have experienced year-over-year growth measured in both revenue and employee headcount.

We take great pride in our private ownership and self-funded position. In an industry filled by capital infusion and acquisition, Divurgent is a rarity in today’s business climate. As a result of our private ownership, we can make decisions that are in the best interest of our client partners, rather than our shareholders.

Excellence, Learning, Innovation, Trust, Enthusiasm—these are the ELITE Values that drive us to be more and do more—to redefine consulting and transform healthcare for our clients and the communities they serve. We are passionate about providing innovative solutions that offer our clients the opportunity to improve customer experiences and enhance operational efficiencies. Staying true to our values, mission, and our vision of a passionate Team has given us the tools to be a successful firm both externally and internally, growing both as a company and as a Team.

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Our ELITE Values

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    Deliver and strive for excellence in all that you do and say

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    Foster a learning environment

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    Be forward-thinking in leadership, problem-solving, and delivery

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    Through integrity and ethics, establish and build mutual respect

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    Be energetic and take the initiative

Delivering Tangible Business Outcomes


Project Scope​

Highest Value Outcomes​

Large nonprofit health system in Northern Virginia

Strategic Growth Assessment ​

$89 Million – Total net value of expanding Connect program to 162 physicians over 3 years​

Large South Central health system 

Operational Readiness ​

Saved 41.8 hours by achieving CRM turnaround time of 6.2 hours, compared to their 2-day target​

Saved .5 days in Authorization Time, compared to their 3-day target​

Large northeast health system

Provider EHR Efficiency ​

– 21% – decrease in minutes spent documenting in the system per patient ​

+ 21% – increase in the number of patients seen per day ​

+ 22 % – increase in provider efficiency as measured by EHR​

Large northeast health system

Virtual Contact Center ​

72 Hours – Time to staff and stand-up virtual call center​

27,292 Technology Activations​

Large southeast health system

Microsoft Teams Implementation ​& Tobias Help Desk Support ​

+$3 Million – Total savings as a result of accelerated adoption of Microsoft Teams within six months vs. organic adoption target of 12 months​

Pacific Northwest health system

Payroll RPA Process Improvement ​

$50,000 per year – Saving from reducing payroll processing time from 72 hours to 15 minutes​

Large northeast coastal  health system

Billing Coding / Corrections ​

20+ Coders and Analysts to clean up data across 4 key financial functional areas ​

Large northeast health system

Google Cloud Migration ​

Migrated client from Microsoft 365 to G-Suite to lower licensing and operational support costs​