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After merging EHRs and ERPs, hundreds of applications still need consolidating. Unite all your applications and experience robust cybersecurity, cost savings and no data gaps.

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The Top 5 M&A IT Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Divurgent looks at the biggest challenges healthcare IT organizations may face during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and how to overcome each challenge.

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Success Story: Application Rationalization

Across various merger and acquisition activities over the course of several years, our client needed to understand their existing technology portfolio to streamline and consolidate systems across the enterprise, with the goal of reducing their application inventory and reducing costs due to redundant systems and functions.

Many organizations undergoing a merger or acquisition migrate, integrate, and implement systems and technologies without a proper strategy, while often overlooking the fragile cultural change. As a result, these organizations fumble through their IT strategy and ultimately struggle with down time, encounter poor patient experiences, and face high team member turnover. These issues cause a loss of standardized work that significantly increases clinical and financial risk as well as bloats application portfolios, creating a need for future application efforts.

With our streamlined approach to creating effective, tailored strategies for mergers and acquisitions, our clients go from contract signing to having a single operating system within six months. We focus on the teams, culture, and technology governance to unify more than just our client’s technology – real value is given back to what’s most important, their patients.

Due Diligence

Helping you collect and store the complete library of necessary information with data standards to sync both sides of M&A activity


Stand up the necessary governance to ensure rapid and informed decision making to keep your M&A on track


We don’t just bring best practices, we co-create with you, for you. We can step in at any phase of your program needs.

Strategic Application Planning

Leveraging both automated network scans as well as interviews and application inventories, we can map out a plan for your ideal end state

Your Full Continuum

We can meet all your external needs with our Activate Services: Advisory, Program Leadership, Staff Augmentation, Training, Go-Live Support, and Managed Services

Culture & Change Management Services

Culture and change management are key success factors. We can shape your target culture and assist your staff through their change journey.

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KLAS First Look: Divurgent M&A IT Services 2023

KLAS provides an objective look at Divurgent’s M&A HIT services through extensive interviews with past Divurgent clients. 


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