Catering Your Resume for the Job You Want

Catering Your Resume for the Job You Want

by Natalie Frame, Healthcare IT Recruiter

“Small things you do really can make all the difference in whether you get hired or not.” – Anna Runyan

Have you been submitting your resume to application after application with no one reaching back out to you? If so, it may be a good time to take a look at your resume.

Just like a picture you might put up on social media, your resume should emulate a few similarities – clear, polished, and show you for who you are. Let’s tackle these together!

Tip #1: Clear

Having a “clear” resume can be taken many ways. In our example of the picture, I’m referring to clear as in free from confusion.

Cater your resume specifically to the job description you are applying for to eliminate any questions a recruiter or hiring manager might have about your experience. (Insider tip: use the same key words the posting has!) By tailoring your resume to the information posted, this will allow your resume to not fall into a black hole. Statics show that an average of 250 resumes are submitted for any 1 job opening. (EBI Inc.) Those key words will help you stand out!

Tip #2: Polished

When you post a picture of yourself on any social site, you’re most likely going to choose the one where you look the best, right?

When writing your resume, the same principle is applied. Your resume should look polished in its formatting. Some like to go all out with colorful templates that arrange everything in a particular order; these are both good and bad. Good – it makes for a quick and easy resume. Bad – when you use that resume to apply for a job, the formatting may not be compatible for the Recruiter’s computer.

Good rule of thumb, stick to a standard Microsoft Word document formatted simply in the following order:

  • Name & contact information
  • Career highlights and/or professional summary
  • Education/Certifications/Credentials
  • Experience – in chronological order

Ideally, a resume should not be longer than one page in length. However, if your resume is more than that, keep it to no more than two pages. If your experience dates back to the early 2000’s and makes your resume lengthy, it’s okay to only keep the last 10 years of experience.

Tip #3: Show you for who you are

Just like in our social media post example, you want your picture to showcase you and your personality. Your resume should do the same!

Are you detail oriented? Make sure your resume has appropriate grammar, punctuation, and the correct tenses.

Do you work in one specific industry or job function? Elaborate on your experience and use buzz words to showcase your skills.

Do you like to volunteer? Add in “Additional Experience” or “Volunteer Experience” at the very bottom of your resume to show you love giving part of your time to help your local non-profit organization.

To tie it all together, there might be a few of us out there that spend a good amount of time considering these three tips for just a social media post, so remember to use the same thought and consideration next time you update or send out your resume.

Anna Runyan has it right, it only takes a few small things to really help you stand out and potentially get hired or not!

If these tips helped and you’ve updated your resume using these tips, be sure to send them to recruiting@divurgent.com – who knows, we may have your next big opportunity!

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