Information Technology Service Management and Transformational Projects: How to Use ITSM to Drive Success on Large Programs

Information Technology Service Management and Transformational Projects: How to Use ITSM to Drive Success on Large Programs

by Emily Carlson

Recently, my fellow Principals, David Stone and Marie Dieudonne, and I held a panel-based webinar where we discussed the use of IT Service Management (ITSM) to drive large projects. In our discussion, we utilized our experience with Application Rationalization and Windows 10 programs as use cases.

During our presentation, three words were repeatedly echoed:

  1. Strategy
  2. Governance
  3. Culture

Leading a structured program under a strategic IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework ensures that your IT processes undergo a continuous loop of improvement. Having a strategy in place will ensure that your organization has the appropriate level of budget and time to complete large scale programs, such as a Windows 10 upgrade and Application Rationalization initiative.

In order to continually support your customer, and show value within the IT organization, it is vital to ensure the work you are doing falls within the overall strategic goals of your organization; aligning the right work will drive efficiencies, show value to your end users, and reduce costs by doing things the right way.

A strong Governance Committee and structure will ensure that everyone from the business community, clinical areas, and administration work together, aligning their perspectives to the IT work and preventing unnecessary work outside of the strategy for the organization.

Large scale programs, such as Application Rationalization and Windows 10 upgrades, present a change to your organization that often accompanies a fear of the unknown.

“What if the new application introduced interrupts the way I do work? What if I do not want my computer upgraded to Windows 10? Will I still know how to do my tasks?” These are just a few common, daunting questions for end users.

The Governance Committee will be an integral part in assisting with the communication and adoption of change. Together the leadership, internal IT teams, and end users can all work together to make the changes necessary to keep the organizational strategy moving forward and slowly allow for a culture shift to the adoption of new technologies.

This blog is just scratching the surface! If you’d like to see the full webinar, click here to download the presentation recording. If you would like to learn more about this topic, please reach out to me at emily.carlson@divurgent.com.

David, Marie, and I had a great time discussing ITSM and large programs within the healthcare industry. We plan to keep the conversation going and look forward to further assisting our clients with the creation of a strong ITSM process to drive efficiency and effectiveness of large programs.

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