Remote Work, Is It Right for You?

Remote Work, Is It Right for You?

by Cyndi Wilkinson, Senior Recruiter

Do you dream of working remotely? Working from anywhere you want, whether it’s a home office or a quite coffee shop? Technology has advanced over the last ten years, affording workers the ability to do the same job remotely, while maintaining constant contact with co-workers and clients.

Consider these points before you set your sights on moving towards that remote job!

Your Office Can Be Anywhere – you don’t have to be tied to a home office. Technology allows you to take care of your job responsibilities from just about anywhere. The local coffee shop, traveling in the car (as a passenger, of course!), enjoying the view from your vacation hotel, or even caring for a family member.
You May Get More Work Done – it’s hard to dispute, but most remote workers are proving they can be productive and accomplish more in less time. The ability to work alone, control distractions, take timely breaks, and manage their own schedule and priorities contributes to this trend.
You Can Have Fun & Stay Happy – with the wide range of communication tools like instant messaging, emojis, GiF’s, and light-hearted video effects, you can have a little fun with your colleagues! Don’t forget the work-life balance available to you – it’s easier to fit in a thirty-minute walk, run, yoga class, or workout.

It Can Get Lonely – there is no substitute for direct human contact. Working from home may feel isolating, and the need to interact with others in person can quickly become its own daunting distraction.
It Takes Discipline – with some determination and a structured routine, you can learn to avoid common distractions like the TV, laundry, or the dirty dishes in the sink. On the flip side, the draw to do “just one more thing” for work is always there and sometimes the struggle is real to tear yourself away from your computer. You also must become a skillful communicator without the added help of facial and body language and become more resourceful without the ease of asking your office neighbor a quick question.
Difficult to Have Your Achievements Recognized – reviews with your supervisor can be challenging, it’s up to the remote employee to make sure that management takes notice. Keeping a log or list of milestones can help you advocate for your performance, even in a remote setting!

Remote is the future of the workforce. More employees are working remote, often younger workers are demanding it, and it is keeping older workers working longer. Hopefully this blog has helped you answer the question “Is remote work right for me?”

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