Staying Fit on the Road & Eating Healthy from the Hotel

Staying Fit on the Road & Eating Healthy from the Hotel

by Tonisha Stalnaker, Senior Recruiter

Being a “road warrior” has its perks: cross-country travel, meeting new people, learning new skills, accumulating endless frequent flyer miles, and hotel points/upgrades. Weekly travel comes with the territory for a full-time Consultant. While there are plenty of great things that come with being a traveling Consultant, one challenge remains consistent – staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on the road. According to a study conducted by Forbes, survey reports 44 percent of professionals are more likely to indulge in unhealthy foods and eating habits while on business trips than they would be at home. Also, 54 percent of people who take business trips are less likely to work out when travelling. Most people understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but many travelling Consultants face the following challenges:

  • Longer work shifts (10-12hrs per day on average)
  • Hotel rooms don’t have kitchens to cook in
  • Hotel rooms missing refrigerators or microwaves
  • Eating out more often
  • Increased time in airports
  • Project may be located in a “food desert” with limited access to healthy food option

While there are definitely challenges, it’s not impossible to maintain a healthy balance while travelling. Please see the following diet and exercise tips that will help you maintain a healthy balance:

  • Choose a “healthy” hotel
    • Choose a location that has a fitness center
    • Order a refrigerator for the room so you can fill it when healthy food choices
    • Try not to eat the continental breakfast; it’s generally filled with sugar and processed foods
  • Carry a water bottle – this will allow you to always have the chance to sip water throughout the day
  • Read nutritional labels
  • Pack a bag with fruits, vegetables, nuts, jerky, granola, protein bars and other low-calorie snacks
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier and use the hotel fitness center
  • Use the stairs whenever possible
  • Pack resistance bands; these light bands can give you a great full-body workout
  • Avoid Vending Machines

For more workout ideas check out these awesome links:

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